,, port mann bridge, portman bridge, portmann bridge, highway one bridge vancouver, toll bridge vancouver, toll bridge british columbia,the new port mann bridge in the vancouver lower mainland surrey coquitlam area. the new Port mann bridge is part of highway number 1 the transcanada highway and the provincial government is charging a toll via PORT MANN BRIDGE - Portmanbridge toll's whos fault is the ice problem, ice problem port mann bridge
portmann bridge
portmann bridge British Columbia
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Toll rates at a glance

The following rates are for single one-way trips across the Port Mann Bridge. However, discounts are available when you register with TReO.

Keep in mind, if you register for your free TReO decal by February 28, and put a recurring payment method on file, you'll continue to receive the low introductory toll rates - indicated below - until December 2013. Even when the regular toll rates are implemented on March 1, 2013.  Register now.

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Additional Fees

As a Port Mann Bridge driver you may incur additional fees for disputing a toll, failing to pay or having non-sufficent funds in your bank account. 

Additional Fees
License Plate Processing Fee
(per trip)
Interest on Overdue Tolls & Fees
(calculated and compounded monthly)
19% annual rate
Dispute Arbitration Fee $30.00
Failed Payment / Non-Sufficient Fund Cheque Fee $20.00
Debt Collection Fee $20.00
Legal Action / ICBC Refuse To Issue Processing Fee $20.00